“After 4 years of production, with a heavily contaminated aggressive medium, there has not been a wrench on these pumps and they are still maintenance free."


Johan Samyn, owner Samagro

Industry: Fertilizers


Samagro is a production company whose main activity is the production of high-quality organic fertilizers, mainly from chicken manure, that improve and maintain the soil balance in the long term.

Due to a changed legislation whereby the manure residue must be heated up briefly to 70 ° C, the need for a chemical gas scrubber was suddenly very high. The design and engineering of this gas scrubber took place in-house. In 2014 this gas scrubber was operational.


Acid gas scrubber application

A gas scrubber is a cleaning installation in which a gas flow is intensively brought into contact with a liquid. The aim is to allow certain gaseous components to pass from the gas to the liquid and thereby purify the through coming air. In a chemical (acidic) gas scrubber the process is to wash with acidified water. Ammonia, water and sulfuric acid are converted into ammonium sulphate and water. Purifying the air is an emission-reducing technique in which one mainly wants to limit odour nuisance.

A gas scrubber consists of three parts: an absorption section for dust exchange, a drip catcher and a recirculating tank with pump. This last part is where the Packo pumps show up.



Why the decision for Packo Pumps

For this application, where you have the combination of an aggressive medium and high contamination factor of the liquid, there was a need for a highly multifunctional resistant pump. In addition to chemical resistance, wear resistance, large free passage and 24-hour operation, high pump efficiency was also of high importance.

Taking these different factors into account, they ended up with the Packo MCP3 pumps. These form a benchmark in terms of efficiency, manufactured in durable 316L stainless steel. Additionally like all Packo pumps, as standard with an electrolytically polished surface.


Experience after several years

After almost 4 years of continuous production, the owner, Johan Samyn, indicates that the Packo pumps score super high in terms of operational reliability. In the past few years, despite the highly aggressive medium, the pumps stood very strong.


In a glance

  • 24/24h operational gas scrubber
  • heavily contaminated aggressive medium
  • 4 years of continuous and maintenance free production 


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