Hygienic positive displacement pumps

Packo Pumps belongs to the Verder group. As a result, other brands of the Verder Group can also be obtained through Packo Pumps.

The following positive displacement pumps are now also available at Packo Pumps:

  • Lobe pumps, rotary lobe pumps and screw spindle pumps from JEC.
  • Sanitary lubrication-free peristaltic pumps from Verderflex.
  • Membrane pumps from Verderair.
You will find an overview of the available pumps on the Verder Liquids website.
Below are the available models with a link to the detail page on the Verder Liquids website.


Rotary Lobe Pumps

max. flow 1670 l/min
max. pressure 20 bar
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Circumferential Piston Pumps

max. flow 1535 l/min
max. pressure 15 bar
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Twin Screw Pumps

max. flow 1660 l/min
max. pressure 12 bar
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Verderflex Rollit Hygienic

Sanitary peristaltic pump without a lubricant bath

max. flow 6954 l/h
max. pressure 2 bar
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Verderair HI CLEAN

Membrane pumps

max. flow 568 l/min
max. pressure 8 bar
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