Pump series VPCP

Large free passage

Max. flow 1000 m³/h
Max. head 20 m
Max. product viscosity 100 cP
max. motor power 55 kW
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Pump series VPCP

The Packo stainless steel pumps of the VPCP series are the reference in gentle and damage free pumping of vegetables, potatoes, mussels, shrimps, etc. Due to the fact that they have an extremely large passage and to its specially designed vane they guarantee a smooth handling of your product.

  1. 1 Electropolished: corrosion resistant, no rusting
  2. Especially designed vane with large passage: pumping without product damage
  3. Duplex stub shaft allows a quick and easy disassembly of the vane
  4. Sledge construction: pump can be easily slid backwards while the pump casing remains in the piping system: short downtimes

Application areas

The Packo VPCP pump range is specifically designed for damage-free pumping of potatoes and vegetables but also seafood such as mussels, cockles and shrimp.

The VPCP pump can be used in Belgian fries process lines, transport of vegetables to blanching lines as well as for transport of pasta from pasta cookers.



Your benefits

  • Gentle and damage-free pumping
  • Easy maintenance: short downtimes
  • Extremely large passage
  • Electropolished stainless steel 304L: no rusting & easy to clean
  • Monobloc design: space saving

Technical information

 max. flow rate  1000 m³/h
 max. differential head  20 m
 max. liquid viscosity  100 cP
 max. temperature  80°C
 impeller type  special designed vane
 max. free passage  213 mm
 max. motor power  55 kW
 max. speed  1200 rpm
 available frequency  50/60 Hz
materials wetted parts  stainless steel 304 or similar
mechanical seal configuration  single
available O-ring materials  NBR (FDA)
connections  industrial
surface finish  industrial finish: welds are not hand polished
final surface treatment: electropolished
certificates & legislation  

The thread running through every design of our pumps, is our focus on reducing TCO for our customers. Today, we highlight the time saving during maintenance of our VPCP product pumps. Thanks to our unique sledge construction, the pump casing can remain in the system and you don’t have to move the frame, that is often poured into the ground, to access the seals or maintain the motor. Watch the video to see how this can make life easy!

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