Pump series MSCP

Self-priming side channel pump

Max. flow 40 m³/h
Max. head 75 m
Max. product viscosity 300 cP
max. motor power 15 kW
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Pump series MSCP

Both the pump casing, the impellers and the lantern piece with bearing support of this self-priming pump consist of electrolytically polished precision casting in stainless steel 316L. This results in a robust, reliable pump with a very fine surface structure.

  1. Monobloc version with standard IEC motors (4-pole)
  2. Pump outlet on seal chamber. The liquid flushes the mechanical shaft seal, ensuring perfect cleaning of the seal chamber.
  3. No dead space around impeller mounting screw.
  4. When stopped, sufficient liquid remains in the pump to be able
    to start up again.
  5. Connection ring on the outside of the blades.
    Pump casing is cleaned better than with an impeller attached to the
    outside and yet there is no resonance of the blades
    as with open impellers.
  6. Impeller with profiled blades (optional) results in exceptional suction and air handling capacity and in a low NPSH.

Application areas

This self-priming side channel pump is used in various applications where air must be pumped in against a high back pressure in the discharge line.

The MSCP has exceptional suction power and air handling capacity. This means it can completely empty the suction line, even with foaming and slightly more viscous liquids.

It is often used for unloading trucks and pumping in high silos.

Your benefits

  • Exceptional suction power and air handling capacity thanks to impeller with profiled blades (optional)
  • Sucks the suction line completely empty
  • Also suitable for foaming liquids and liquids that are slightly more viscous
  • Hygienic design
  • Electrolytically polished: easy to clean
  • Standard engine and mechanical seal are the best guarantee for reasonable spare part prices
 max. flow rate  40 m³/h
 max. differential head  75 m
 max. inlet pressure  5 bar
 max. liquid viscosity  300 cP
 max. temperature  140°C
 impeller type  star impeller with straight or profiled blades
 airhandling capacity  up to 50 litre/min
 suction depth  up to 8,5 m
 max. motor power  15 kW
 max. speed  1500/1800 rpm
 available frequency  50/60 Hz
 materials wetted parts  stainless steel 316L or similar
mechanical seal configuration  diverse types single mechanical seal
available O-ring material  EPDM, FKM, FFKM
connections  DIN11851, SMS, RJT, DIN11864-1, DIN11864-2
surface finish  electropolished
 certificates & legislation  

Assembly and disassembly videos

For all different configurations of the MSCP series you can find an assembly/disassembly video here. These videos show easy to follow steps to assemble the pumps and replace the seals.

Assembly video - configuration with bellow seal
Disassembly video - replacement of bellow seal
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