Pump series IMXL

Vertical sump pump up to 1500 mm, maintenance-free

Max. flow 300 m³/h
Max. head 28 m
Max. product viscosity 1.000 cP
max. motor power 22 kW
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Pump series IMXL

The Packo vertical sump pump series IMXL are designed for installation in a sump or tank, having only the casing and impeller submerged. The pumps have a length of 1500 mm having a shaft supported by a slide bearing in the liquid.

These robust pumps have stainless steel 316L pressed or investment cast pump casings and can be equipped with open, semi-open, closed impellers and vortex impellers. Thanks to its solid construction and electropolished design these pumps are the reliable component for your production process.

Available in ICP, MCP, IFF and MFF version with open, semi-open, closed or vortex impellers.

  1. Use of standard IEC motors
  2. Tapered shaft, fully machined
  3. High strength column support pipe. Rigidly maintains alignment between motor and casing. Protects pump shaft.
  4. Executed with slide bearing in carbon / stainless steel or Silicon carbide / silicon carbide materials. No dry running allowed, additional flushing pipes for oil or water are available as an option.
  5. Optional: stainless steel base plate and outlet pipe

Application areas

The Packo submersible cantilever pump series IMXL are used in a wide range of industries and applications such as metal finishing industry, industrial spray washers, water treatment, galvanizing and coating industry, chemical industry, etc.

They are handling degreasing, pickling & phosphatizing liquids, slurries, hot oils, process and industrial wastes, corrosive liquids, condensate, etc.



Your benefits

  • •Pump length up to 1500 mm in ‘monobloc’ design
  • Easy and robust construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Electropolished: higher resistance against corrosion and sticky liquids
  • Available with different impellers

Technical information

 max. flow rate  300 m³/h
 max. differential head  28 m
 max. pump length  1500 mm
 max. liquid viscosity  1000 cP
 max. temperature  80°C
 impeller type  open, semi-open or closed
 max. free passage  45 mm
 max. motor power  22 kW
 max. speed  1500 rpm
 available frequency  50/60 Hz
 materials wetted parts  stainless steel 316L or similar
 mechanical seal configuration  no mechanical seals, with slide bearings
 available O-ring materials  EPDM, FKM, FEP-FKM, silicone
 connections hygienic fittings, BSP fittings, flanges according to EN1092-1/01 & 02, ANSI flanges
 surface finish  industrial, internal welds not hand polished, electropolished
 certificates & legislation  

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