Pump series FP2

Hygienic process pump

Max. flow 110 m³/h
Max. head 220 m
Max. product viscosity 1.000 cP
max. motor power 90 kW
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Pump series FP2

These pumps have stainless steel 316L pump casings constructed in thick cold rolled plate, 100% non-porous and extremely smooth. The pumps have open investment cast impellers, constructed in 316L or duplex materials. Thanks to its crevice-free design and electropolishing as a final surface treatment, the FP2 pump series are perfectly cleanable, resulting in a reliable component for your food production process.

  1. Electropolished, easy to clean construction, no bacteria traps and no small clearances in order to clean the area around the O-ring
  2. Pressed stainless steel in 2B quality plate, extremely smooth
  3. Large seal cavity to clean mechanical seal properly
  4. Monobloc execution with std. IEC motors

Application areas

The Packo process pumps of the FP2 series are used in
the most demanding hygienic applications in almost all
industries such as dairies, breweries, beverage industry,
distilleries, etc.

They are the ideal solution for filtration applications,
pasteurisation, evaporating systems, yeast propagation
and for CIP cleaning systems as well.

Typical applications include filtration of beer, wine and
fruit juices as well as pumping yeast, whey and curd.

Your benefits

  • High pump efficiency resulting in lower energy consumption
  • Low NPSH values: less risk on cavitation
  • Electropolished: perfectly cleanable
  • Easy construction and easy maintenance: less downtime
  • Standard components
  • Easy to install
  • 2 mechanical seal diameters for entire range
  • Robust construction

Technical information

 max. flow rate  110 m³/h
 max. differential head  220 m
 max. inlet pressure  13 bar
 max. liquid viscosity  1000 cP
 max. temperature  140°C
 impeller type  open
 max. free passage  22 mm
 max. motor power  90 kW
 max. speed  3000/3600 rpm
 available frequency  50/60 Hz
 materials wetted parts  stainless steel 316L or similar
mechanical seal configuration  single bellow, sterile, quench, double
 available O-ring material  EPDM, FKM, FEP-FKM, FFKM, Silicone
 connections  sanitary fittings
 surface finish  food quality, internal welds hand polished.
Electropolished (casing 0.8 μm - impeller 3.2 μm).
 certificates & legislation  

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Assembly and disassembly videos

For all different configurations of the FP2 series you can find an assembly/disassembly video here. These videos show easy to follow steps to assemble the pumps and replace the seals.

Assembly video - configuration with sterile seal
Disassembly video - replacement sterile seal
Assembly video - configuration with bellow seal
Assembly video - configuration with quench and bellow seal
Assembly video - configuration with double seal
Disassembly video - configuration with a bellow seal
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