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Packo Pumps is originally researcher, designer and manufacturer of sustainable and innovative industrial pumps.

Our pumps rank among the best of the world when it comes to hygiene and cleanability.

Packo Pumps is part of the Verder Group, represented worldwide, with own sales and production facilities in more than 28 countries.

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In the spotlight: New GFP series

Our new GFP series

The multi-phase pump is a combination of a standard centrifugal pump and a liquid ring pump both mounted
together on 1 motor and 1 shaft.


Technical data

 Max. flow  400 m³/h
 Max. opvoerhoogte  100 m
 Max. gas content  30%
 Max. motor power  45 kW

Your benefits

  • Electropolished stainless steel AISI316: highly corrosion resistant
  • High pump efficiency resulting in lower energy consumption
  • Low NPSH values: less risk on cavitation
  • Monobloc construction: less floor space, easy installation and maintenance (no aligning)
  • Self-adjusting vacuum, no snifting valve required
Discover our GFP series
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