Pump series IM

Typical characteristics

  • The pump has been specially developed for installation in a tank or basement.
  • Submersible pump in stainless steel according to the cantilever principle.
  • Without mechanical seal or plain bearing.
  • Highly reliable and maintenance free.
  • Submerged pump hydraulics.
  • Dry-mounted motor.
  • Available with open, closed and vortex impellers.
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Technical data

 Max. flow  800 m³/h
 Max. head  6 bar
 Max. liquid temperature  200 °C
 Max. motor power  90 kW
 Available pump length  500 mm & 1500 mm

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Insteekpomp Packo imxl
Insteekpomp Packo imxl


Particularly suitable for pumping liquids that are difficult to seal such as paints, varnishes, galvanic coatings, hot frying oil, etc.

Generally they are used for surface treatment techniques, powder coating, passivation and degreasing as well as cooling and filtration systems and chemical industries.

They are also used for pumping waste water from industrial waste such as CIP, acids, condensate, etc.



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