Brewery and beverages

A perfect cleanability, high reliability, minimal product damage, low noise and extremely high pump efficiencies resulting in lower energy bills, are some of the most important properties for this field of application.

With a flow rate up to 1250 m³/h Packo Pumps offers just about the widest range of food grade pumps for this market segment. Packo Pumps is heading to become the norm in this market. The fact that the Packo pump for wine and beer filtration became a standard, is the strongest evidence for this. The pumps also meet European regulation 1935/2004 EC.

Typical applications:
Wine, beer and fruit juice filtration, gentle pumping of mash as well as handling trub, water, sugar solutions,
syrups, extracts, CIP, etc.

Download below our study and discover how you can improve your mash applications with:

  • A shorter filtration time
  • Less damage to the mash
  • Higher efficiency
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