Pump series GFP


  • Multi-phase pump for gas handling applications
  • Combination of a standard centrifugal pump and a liquid ring pump 
  • Electropolished stainless steel AISI316 and better: highly corrosion resistant
  • High pump efficiency resulting in lower energy consumption
  • Low NPSH values: less risk on cavitation
  • Monobloc construction: less floor space, easy installation and maintenance (no aligning)
  • Self-adjusting vacuum, no snifting valve required
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Technical data

 Max. flow  400 m³/h
 Max. head  10 bar
 Max. gas content  30%
 Max. motor power  45 kW

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The GFP multi-phase pump is typically used for foamig liquids and (viscous) liquids containing gas in the food-industry.

Offering a solution to liquids that are difficult to pump with standard centrifugal pumps. E.g. starch slurries, proteins,…



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