Pump series FMS

Typical characteristics

  • Hygienic executed multistage pump.
  • Ideal for operation at moderate flow rate and high pressures.
  • High efficiency, energy saving.
  • Low NPSH value!
  • Electropolished so higher corrosion resistance and easier to clean.
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Technical data

 Max. flow  50 m³/h
 Max. head  16 bar
 Max. product viscosity  250 cP
 Max. motor power  45 kW

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The hygienically executed Packo multistage pumps from the FMS series are used as process pump in the most diverse applications in food (milk, beer, soft drinks, ...), pharmaceutical and chemical industries and this for food, beverages, medicines, lotions, etc.

Typical applications are found in filtration, pasteurization, filling machines, high pressure CIP systems, process pump for plate heat exchangers, etc.



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