Pump series VPCP

Typical characteristics

  • Soft and damage-free pumping
  • Pump with specially designed vane and larger pump casing.
  • Extremely large passage
  • Sustainable and compact construction.
  • Pump construction in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Electropolished.
  • Corrosion resistant, no rusting
  • Easy to clean
  • Available up to outlet DN 250
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Technical data

 Max. flow  1000 m³/h
 Max. head  2 bar
 Max. passage  213 mm
 Max. motor power  55 kW

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The VPCP serie guarantees product damage up to 50%!

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VPCP centrifugal pump dismantled
Cross-cut centrifugal pump
VPCP centrifugal pump dismantled
Cross-cut centrifugal pump


The Packo VPCP pump range is specifically designed for damage-free pumping of potatoes and vegetables but also seafood such as mussels, cockles and shrimp.

The VPCP pump can be used in Belgian fries process lines and for the transport of vegetables to the blanching lines.
Because the pump has the same dimensions as the known VDKM pump series it is easily interchangeable.




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