Warm reunion with Packo Pumps distributors.

Packo Pumps has held their distributors days. The name gives it away… These days serve to go over the latest developments at Packo Pumps with their dealers, who are globally active.

Day 1 - a warm welcome and a cold buffet

For 3 days they received a warm welcome from the employees of Packo Pumps. To reinforce this right away, a red carpet was literally rolled out, which led to an extensive buffet.
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, this is also the case for a distributor.

The first day they were received at the production site of Packo Pumps at Diksmuide. Which made it possible to give them a guided tour around the factory hall. For some it was the first time they visited the plant, for others it was interesting to see the new expansion.

After the tour it was time for a presentation, in which Packo looked back at 2015 and tried to forecast the course of 2016.
It was first time for all the dealers they were welcomed back since the take-over of Packo by the Verder Group. For that reason Andries Verder, CEO of the Verder Group, was present to address the dealers. He emphasized on the possibility of a valuable cooperation for all parties. Andries probably went home with high spirits after seeing the positive preliminary figures of 2016.

This was also the last day held at Diksmuide. The next 2 days would be held in Ghent. The distributors were transported by bus to the new location. Which gave the possibility to teach them a typical Belgian tradition, a song named ‘Busje komt zo’.

Destination of the bus was the NH hotel in Ghent, which would act as an operating base for the next days.
All work and no play makes a dull distributor, so the evening was concluded with a walking dinner at the Belgaqueen.

Day 2 - workshops, presentations & a boat trip

All play and no work makes a bad distributor, so the 2nd day the dealers threw their selves – after an extensive breakfast – back on the training.
This day was divided between workshops and presentations. Based on the experience of the dealers they followed a specific program. For some the focus was on the spectrum of centrifugal pumps of Packo, whereas others had their focal point on the latest changes in the market.

The training of this day was completed with a presentation of Daniatech. In cooperation with this enterprise Packo Pumps developed the High Shear Pump.

The day itself was not completed yet. First there was a little boat trip planned through Ghent. Afterwards the dealers were invited in the ‘Pakhuis’ to enjoy dinner. Later one could discover the night life of the vibrant city.

Day 3 - last training and goodbyes 

On the 3rd and final day the focal point was the marketing plan of Packo. How do we distinguish ourselves and how do we bring this out. The dealers were told which tools are available and how to use them.

The final part of the training was to examine the market and the place of Packo in it. Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, but it is also wise to know your surroundings.

Afterwards there was a lunch which served as a conclusion for the distributors days.

We are convinced that these days have increased the capability of our distributors to serve clients worldwide.

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