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Client stories

Brewery and beverages

Brewery Het Anker


“A very limited stock of spare parts, despite a large number of different pumps in various applications throughout our brewery."


Brewery Eutropius


“In the context of service, operational reliability and uniformity, the choice was made to select Packo as a unique partner for the supply and installation of the production pumps."


General industry and textile



"The close coupled system makes the Packo cantilever pump, commercially and technically, the best solution for us!"



"After 4 years of production, with a heavily contaminated aggressive medium, there has not been a wrench on these pumps and they are still maintenance free."


Vegetables and patotoes industry


"Delivering a VPCP product pump that can work for 17 years and 70000 operating hours without maintenance, that is proof of the quality of the Packo pumps!"


Dairy and general food industry

St-Martinus (Burg Groep)


"Electropolishing at Packo is the standard finish for the complete pump range. This was the decisive factor for resolutely choosing Packo."


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