Please be aware that Packo Inox nv is closed for summer holidays from 21st July up to and including 5th August. A minimum permanence for the pump division will be available.

The specialist in stainless steel centrifugal pumps

Packo Pumps is originally researcher, designer and manufacturer of sustainable and innovative industrial pumps.

Our pumps rank among the best of the world when it comes to hygiene and cleanability.


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Update industry brochures

Our industry brochures (industrial, food and pharmaceutical) are now available in multiple languages.
You can discover in English, French, German and Dutch where you need to pay attention to for your pump selection. And that for a wide range of applications.
All the suitable pumps for your industry and/or application are also described in detail. Thus creating a clear overview of all the pumps that are relevant to your business.
Go to our download zone and discover for yourself how we can also optimize your flow.



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